Having known Afolabi Andu personally and worked with him on a number of major projects for over 4 decades, I can confidently vouch for his exemplary leadership and innovative skills. I will any day recommend services provided by Afolabi Andu either in his private or corporate capacity. As far back as the mid 80s when he pioneered Visage and the Contact Club, Afolabi’s consistent innovative and tenacious approach to problem-solving has been exceedingly inspiring. Visage PR, his company is a keen and determined promoter of all things Nigerian and African in the diaspora. Most noteworthy is Afolabi’s great talent, character and sheer passion for his work which sees him apart from others in his field. Some of Afolabi’s brilliant initiatives still benefited from in the Diaspora are the Nigerian Achievers Awards (NAAI), The Best of Nigerian Expo, The Nigerian British Forum, The Engineering Forum of Nigeria (EFN) and a host of other high impact initiatives.