Fela Durotoye

For over decade, Mr Afolabi Andu and the highly professional team at Visage PR have played a pivotal role in building my personal brand beyond the national borders of Nigeria into a truly global brand. In 2002, Mr Andu facilitated my first opportunity as a conference and keynote speaker in the United Kingdom. Today, I am received, honoured and celebrated all around the world in no small part because of the strategic insight and professional advise that I consistently enjoy from Mr Andu and the Visage PR team. That professional relationship has over the years deepened and broadened in a personal dimension. Today, Mr Afolabi Andu is one of any most trusted life mentors whose insight and impact I can rely on concerning my personal, spiritual and even relational guidance. Naturally, Mr Andu was the first person to be nominated and appointed to the Advisory Board of the GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation. He currently chairs that advisory board today and has done an exceptional job leading the team of distinguished nation builders committed to building Nigeria into a most desirable nation to live in.