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When London's Evening Standard newspaper started a new initiative recently, called Business Connections, to bring business people in London together it called to mind the long standing effort of Mr Afolabi Andu, in this regard on behalf of members of the Nigerian Business community. The Contact Club was the original concept and Visage is the new platform. The object of both being to promote business development and success. I am happy to say as a law firm in Nigeria servicing the need of the Nigerians in Diaspora, we have found our association with Afolabi Andu of great benefits.

Dele Ogun
Managing Partner;Akin Palmer & Co

Afolabi Andu is a tried and tested pioneering light in the huge black business community. He has been at the forefront of many innovation concepts and evolutionary ideas with uncommon impact internationally. The Visage brand is the magnum opus of nearly 30years of high level results and professionalism. We are proud to be associated with him and fine company. He continues to enjoy my highest admiration

Charles Ajayi-Khiran
Principal Consultant Professional Speaker & Corporate Trainer

I have known Mr Afolabi Andu, for over ten years and have engaged the service of the company in the past. This company is not only highly professional, delivering a high quality of service; the man behind it has a compelling positive energy that enables the clients to stay focused with a determination to succeed. Mr Andu is creative, resourceful and dedicated to his clients, always looking for new ways and means to improve the client's brand. I recommend Afolabi Andu to anyone interested in developing or improving their brand.

Ms Efuru Nwapa- Obua
Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Oil and Gas Policy Analyst and Practitioner.

Having Known Afolabi Andu personally and worked with him on a number of major projects for over four decades, I can confidently vouch for his exemplary leadership and innovation skills. I will any day recommend services provided by Afolabi Andu either in his private or corporate capacity. As far back as the mid-80s, when he pioneered Visage and the Contact Club, Afolabi's consistent innovative and tenacious approach to problem solving has been exceedingly inspiring. Visage PR, his company is a keen and determined promoter of all things Nigerian and African in the diaspora. Most noteworthy is Afolabi's great talent, character and sheer passion for his work which set him apart from others in his field. Some of Afolabi brilliant initiatives still benefited from the Diaspora are The Nigerian Achievers Awards (NAAI), The Best of Nigeria Expo. The Nigeria British Forum, The Engineering Forum of Nigeria (EFN) and a host of other high impact initiatives.

Dipo Winsala
Executive Director & Co Founder Nollywood Play

Afolabi Andu is one of the most motivational and visionary person I have had the privilege to know both professionally and personally. He is an extraordinary in PR consulting and brand management. He is adept at organizing overwhelmingly impressive events which showcase the great talents of the Nigeria Diaspora as well as promoting Nigerian business with the aim of encouraging bilateral trade between Nigeria and the Western nations. Afolabi has done a tremendous job by re branding the image of some organisations for sustainability through the development of their capacities. Afolabi, an extremely eloquent personality and coach who sees the potentials for success in everyone he comes across and never stop until the dream turns to reality.

Anne-Funmi Fatusin
Founder of Renewing the African Mind-set

I have known Mr Afolabi Andu C.E.O of Visage Public Relations and his team for many years, Visage Public Relations offers personalized attention and business strategy service, they use their extensive network of experts to promote our company, knowing that Visage PR firm and its representatives are passionate about us as a client builds the best kind of confidence. The confidence I have with the team at Visage means that I never have to doubt that they have my best interest at heart.

Cllr Adedamola Aminu
Past Mayor of Lambeth (London) Principal Consultant AA Management training & Consultancy LTD

I have known and experienced the consummate professionalism of Mr Afolabi Andu from the late 80's "Contact Club" to the current execution of the Visage PR Platform -a unique combination of leading edge technology and experience that nurture and promote the Nigerian brand and Nigerian business opportunities.

Professor Ken Ife
B.sc; Ph.D.; MBA: LLM; FNSM; SFEDI Professor of International Relations Lead Consultant (Private Sector Development) ECOWAS Commission Consultant to; World Bank; EU Dfid; AfDb; UNECA

The pedigree of Afolabi Andu is unquestioned. With over 30yrs of service to the Nigerian UK/Diaspora Business Communities via Best of Nigeria Expos and Nigerian Achievers Awards, Mr Andu needs no introduction. Having worked closely with him on a number of project most notably the Best of Nigeria Expo at Excel London I know first-hand his commitment to excellence. In short you cannot go wrong if you entrust your brand to Afolabi

Nnamdi Chukwuka
C.E.O KUDU Communications Founder/President OdikaOdi Environmental NGO

For over a decade, Mr Afolabi Andu has played a pivotal role in building my personal brand beyond the national borders of Nigeria into a truly global brand. In 2002, Mr Andu facilitated my first opportunity as a conference and keynote speaker in the United Kingdom. Today, I am received honoured and celebrated all round the world in no small part because of the strategic insight and professional advice that I constantly enjoy from Mr Andu and the Visage PR team. That professional relationship has over the years deepened and broadened in a personal dimension. Today, Mr Afolabi Andu is one of my most trusted life mentors whose insight and input I can rely on concerning my personal, spiritual and even relational guidance. Naturally, Mr Andu was the first person to be nominated and appointed to the Advisory Board of the GEMSTONE National Builders Foundation. He currently chairs that advisory board today and has done an exceptional job leading the team of distinguished nation builders committed to building Nigeria into a most desirable nation to live in.

Fela Durotoye
President. The FELA DUROTOYE COMPANY C.E.O GEMSTONE Leadership Institute GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation

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